our products

At Brooks' Machine Products, our full-service shop manufactures a complete line of panel punches, dies, and machined parts. Just give us your specifications and we can manufacture whatever you need.

We can:

  • fabricate replacement parts
  • create custom components
  • manufacture parts for your existing product
  • design any product for you
  • help with material selection
  • set up a long or short run for prototypes or production quantities

We have spent close to 70 years designing, building, and manufacturing parts of just about every shape imaginable. We have the experience to fabricate parts from prototype to very high quantities while maintaining high quality and accuracy.

We understand the difference between commercial and military/aerospace specifications and adhere to our customer's requests. 

From simple blanking dies to complex multiple-station progressive dies, from forming dies to compound dies, and manual and CNC machining of most types, our experience makes Brooks' Machine Products your best supplier for machined parts of all kinds.