our machinery

October 2014 Facilities List (not for sale)




CHARMILLES 2005 240SL Wire EDM Machine   VICTOR Horizontal Cut-Off Saw  1989
BRIDGEPORT Vertical Mill With "J" Head & ANILAM DRO   LINCOLN IDEALARC TIG 300A Heliarc and Stick Welder
ENCO Vertical Mill With Variable Head & ENCO DRO   REEVES/CROWN Wet Tumblers  (2)
KURT & Assorted Mill Vices & Accessories   SWECO 2 Cubic Foot Vibratory Tumbler
BROWN & SHARP NO. 2 Horizontal Milling Machine   Dry Tumblers   (2)
MHP CNC Vertical Machining Center W/24 Station Tool Changer & Accessories    ROCKWELL/DELTA 20" Bandsaw
      BUTTERFLY Filing Machine
SUNNEN MBB 290D Hone With Accessories   ROCKWELL/DELTA Belt Sander   (2
CINCINNATI NO. 2 Tool & Cutter Grinder   HYSTER E30 Forklift
ELGIN ALPA RT 450 Hydraulic Surface Grinder   CROWN Pallet Jacks (2)
CLAUSING 4020 Hydraulic Surface Grinder    
Pedestal Steel Grinder & Polisher  


Pedestal Carbide Grinder   14" MICRO-VIEW Spectra Optical Comparitor (2000)
MHP TURNEX 2 CNC High Precision Turning Center with Chucker and Bar Feed   SHEFFIELD Comparitor
REPUBLIC LAGUN 14" Gap Bed Engine Lathe with most Attachments   PRATT & WHITTNEY Super Micrometer
SHELDON 14" X 30" Tool Room Engine Lathe   TRIMOS Digital Height Gauge
SCHAUER Speed Lathe for Polishing   VERMONT GAGE Gauge Pins & Block Sets .010" to .500"
CLAUSING 20" Floor Model with Variable Speed, Power Down Feed, and QUADRILL & QUINDRILL Attachments   TRU-STONE 18" X 24" Granite Surface Plate
DELTA Floor Model Drill Presses (5)    
DELTA Bench Model Drill Press    
DUMORE AUTO Drilling and Tapping Machine    


V & O 35 Ton Punch Press Continuous Feed or Single Stroke   NIAGARA 6' Power Shear
NIAGARA A3 1/2 50 Ton Punch Press Cont. or Single   CHICAGO 4' Box and Pan Brake
NIAGARA A3 1/2 50 Ton Punch Press Cont. or Single   DI-ACRO 12" Precision Shear
NIAGARA A3 32 Ton Punch Press Cont. or Single   DI-ACRO 18" Precision Box and Pan Brake
NIAGARA A2 1/2 22 Ton Punch Press(2) Cont. or Single   DI-ACRO 6" 90 Degree Notcher
NIAGARA H2 1/2 22 Ton Horning Punch Press Single   Assortment of Coil Feeds, Stock Feeds, and Scrap Reelers for
NIAGARA H2 14 Ton Horning Punch Press Single   automatic production punch press jobs